People are constantly trying to prove what they believe about themselves is true. Therefore in order to make lasting changes in a person’s behavior, one must examine his/her core beliefs of self.  Trobak Holistic Counselling guides clients through this journey of self awareness, discovery and change and aids in the healing process by:

•exploring each aspect of a person; the mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

•reviewing, with great detail, all the life experiences a person has been through.

•creating and regularly reviewing a treatment plan

•gaining an understanding of the person as well as the family he/she grew up in.

•addressing unresolved past experiences and issues.

•helping the client create new thought patterns, allowing the client to move through previous hurt and pain.

                                                             •being culturally sensitive to the differences in various cultural groups.

                                                             •helping the client become aware of and understand what he/she is thinking and feeling.